High Power Rifle Division

Rio Salado Sportsman's Club
Mesa, Arizona

The Rio Salado high power rifle range features 15 firing points under cover at the 500 yard line. There are two sets of pits, one at 200 yards and one at 500 yards.The two sets of retractable target frames are positioned behind safety berms and are manned for scoring during matches. 300 yard course of fire is shot on distance reduced targets.The High Power Division is proud to present four different activities of center fire, high power rifle shooting:



As a reminder, eye and ear protection is MANDATORY on the Rio Salado property.


Upcoming Matches
Times stated are first shots downrange. You must be in the pits 60 minutes prior to help set up..
Legacy Team Match, Sat March 30 (
08:00 AM)Sign Up link
NO April Peaks Precision Match,
500 yd Mid Range Prone Match, Sat April 27 (
MARTIN MATCH Sign Up) (08:30 AM)
4 Peaks Precision Match, Sun, May 12
must pre-register (08:30AM)
500 yd Mid Range Prone Match, Sat May 25 (
08:30 AM)


Introduction to HP Shooting & M1 Clinic, Sat Nov 23
Ten X Wind readers Prone match, Sat Dec 28


Range Authorization Requirements - Highpower Division

Members can qualify for Highpower range authorization through the Highpower division by shooting three of the four regular monthly matches. Unless you are an experienced Highpower competitor, the 80 shot regional or 50 shot national matches are not eligible for authorization. If you are seeking range authorization, you must acquire a range authorization form from the match director prior to shooting the first match. You keep the form with you and get the current match signed off each time. As of 1/1/2016 you must: (1)- Attend a match without shooting it, to familiarize yourself with the pits and equipment requirements. Then (2), compete in six matches to achieve authorization. The match descriptions are above, please read them and see which ones most closely fit your interests and equipment.

Division Director:
Doug Frerichs

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